body pillow with chevron grey pillow case

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Pregnancy support pillow with chevron grey case

A 3-in-1 design, this soft, supportive maternity pillow was designed by a chiropractor to comfort you both during and after pregnancy. Design 1 is ideal during pregnancy, where its fully body can provide support to your hips, back, shoulders and joints for a better night’s sleep.

Design 2, the maternity pillow, is aimed at helping support you while breastfeeding your little one. Wrap it around you and your baby to keep your body as relaxed and keep any stiffness and aches at bay.

Design 3 can be used as a chair for your baby when they’re a little older and you need your hands free.

Full body support pillow for Australian mums

Expecting a child is an exciting time in any woman’s life, but pregnancy can come with a lot of unexpected challenges. Not only do you have to contend with morning sickness, new aches and pains and a restrictive diet, as your belly grows you may also struggle to find a comfortable position to sleep.

At Baby Studio, we are committed to providing modern Australian families with new, fresh ways to help mothers and little ones sleep comfortably. Hold our maternity pillow close as you sleep and ease the pressure on your lower body by resting your bump or realigning your hips. It’s also great for lowering your blood pressure and improving your circulation through pregnancy.

Maternity body pillows & other sleeping support products

Whether you are looking for a full body support pillow, a breastfeeding pillow or a swaddle wrap for your newborn, Baby Studio has what you’re looking for. Our products are designed with Australian families in mind to ensure you’re getting the support you need. Buy online today or if you have any questions, feel free to call us on (03) 9584 2066.

chevron grey colouring, easy to slide on and zip close


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